Rooting the Proper Way

Running scripts should provide the easiest way to root.  Unfortunately, most of the time it only offers temporary root.  Rebooting the device reverts back to unrooted state.  Sometimes, elbow grease is needed to get the job done properly.

1. Install Superuser from Market.  Go to its Prefs and update su binaries.  Reboot.
2. Install Busybox by Jrummy from Market.  Run it, then allow and remember as superuser (su).
3. Install busybox ver. 1.19.3 to /system/xbin first.
4. Then install busybox ver. 1.19.3 to /system/bin.  Reboot.
5. Try installing the latest Titanium Backup from Market to test.

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  1. looking forward to hearing what the new battery turns out like