Build.Prop Tweaks

In the past, we have showed you how to modify the build.prop file for your personal customizations.  Below is a list of build.prop tweaks and a description what it does.  You can add a property name and its key
manually if it is not listed in your build.prop.

Faster scrolling:     ro.max.fling_velocity=12000 

Power Saving:         pm.sleep_mode=1 
                             wifi.supplicant_scan_interval=180  (less than 90 if you want faster reconnect to wifi after turning on, but may consume more battery life)

Increase media streaming performance:
                             net.tcp.buffersize.default=4096,87380,256960,4096, 16384,256960
                             net.tcp.buffersize.wifi=4096,87380,256960,4096,163 84,256960

Faster boot time:   debug.sf.nobootanimation=1   (disables boot animation)  

Spoof you device to show more apps/games in the Google Playstore by editing your build.prop!  What better way to do this than by installing Allwinner Mod from the Google Playstore?

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