Hardware Teardown - Part 3

Realtek USB Wifi chip. OXD Electronics, Co, Ltd, Shenzhen
Still thinking what USB chip to add as replacement. Perhaps a USB Wifi and Bluetooth combo?

Samsung SLC NAND Flash
Allwinner A10 Multicore Processor and Two 256Mbytes 128x16 (2048Mbits) DDR3 Ram chips

That's about it. Reverse the process to assemble back. Happy modding!


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  2. Thank you for your appreciation!

  3. Hi, very good post !!!
    I was buy some units of this tablet. And when open (sorry, i do not take pictures) and see that EKEN people's has modify the usb wifi board, they split it into two parts the control board and the antenna was wired and mounted outside the screen metal shield. My question now if you can help my, i try to modify the init.rc but read on other post that exist a file that rewrite this files and put on RAM, then any change is loosed when reboot. Exist a way to modify on tablet. I try to decompress the .img file and modify but do not work. Very thanks in advance !!!

  4. thank you sir sa info ng blog niyo. ask ko lang po kung same lang ba ang broad ng to1a sa eken w70?