Build.prop Editor

Android is a very customizable platform where the user is able to manipulate almost every aspect of the device on hand, to a point where it becomes more useful and more so, even playful.

Almost everyone who has tweaked an Android device probably knows what build.prop is and what it does.  To everyone else who don't, build.prop is a file located in the directory /system.  This file is the device's "ID card".  It tells an application (including the Android operating system) what your device specification is, and in turn, will provide specific function or interface.  It is loaded on boot.

Since this is a system file that we will be revising, the device will need to be rooted.  Most china tablets come pre-rooted from factory so it should not be a problem.  Sometimes you just need to install "Superuser" and "Busybox" from the Google Playstore so it becomes easier to use without adb and scripting in the computer.

Make sure /system directory is mounted as R/W (read/write).  Using any file explorer in your device, navigate to /system and look for the file build.prop.  Tap and hold on the build.prop file, edit in text editor, and type in and change the values.

Let's have one example for the Eken T01a:

Change the property name ro.sf.lcd_density to property key 112.  Reboot.

This is the lcd density I find best for me.  It displays 8 x 5 icons in the app drawer.  And shows me more content during web browsing or ebook/document reading.

To automate the process, after all we are in the new tech age, you can use a build.prop editor app.  There are a couple of these on the Google Playstore and the best of it comes for free.  I use build.prop Editor myself.


  1. sir, nasira yung launcher ko nung sinubukan ko tong sample niyo... "Change the property name ro.sf.lcd_density to property key 112. Reboot."

  2. Hi adriann25

    What launcher are you using? I'm using apex launcher Portrait grid: 4x4 Landscape grid: 8x10. Nakakapunta ka pa ba sa homescreen?

  3. @adriann25
    If all else fails, I made a tutorial here.