Increase Wifi TxPower

Txpower is a property key in build.prop that controls the transmit power of the wifi module via its own driver.  You can manually modify its key from 0-100. Reboot.

Set it too low, wifi signal suffers.  Set it too high, and the battery life decreases or the wifi module may overheat and decrease in performance instead.  Personally I set mine between 70-80.  Other forums recommend 15.  Alternatively, you can use Wifi TXpower from the Google Playstore for ease of use.

Natively, some devices do not support "iwconfig".  You can download it here and copy it to /system/bin. Please leave a comment below if you need help with this tweak.


  1. The exact name of property is txpower?
    Or wifi.txpower ir something similar?

  2. You add a line in build.prop


  3. sir how can i do this? i installed wifi txpower from play store but it didnt work coz it says "iwconfig not found"

    how can i copy the file your referring above to bin? in the file manager i cant seem to find the directory. btw, im new to android so bear with me. thank you :)

  4. you need root access afaik.
    or maybe copying to wifi txpower's folder?

    In order to see /bin, you need root access and file manager that can use it - like the one in Rom Manager Lite

    Using it I copied iwconfig to bin folder, wifi-txpower works, but TX power is not changed :(
    Also tried adding txpower=90 in build.prop - again nothing changed.
    Next i'll try iwconfig from command line..

  5. hello, what value do you recommend? I have a tablet eken t01, thanks, I hope your answer