Hardware Teardown - Part 2

You will need specialized, precision-crafted, state-of-the-art equipments:

No. 0 Philips screwdriver
Old credit card you did not pay
and a wedge or a nail.  Your fingers! 

There are only 2 screws, encircled red in the picture.  Unscrew.  Careful not to lose the screws as they are very small.

Starting at the edge, use the credit card as a wedge and pry open.  Apply steady pressure until you hear a pop.  Inch your way until every side is cracked open.  Gently lay it side by side not too far from each other because the speaker wires are attached to the cover side.

Mono speaker that crackles with RF activity (e.g. Wifi, Processor)

I shielded it with Aluminum tape

The battery. 2300mAH 3.7v PL426095P

I ordered an 8000mAH 3.7v due to arrive in two weeks for transplant.


  1. Wow saan kayo sir nag order ng batt? And how much? -bryanblue24

  2. Hi bryanblue!

    I ordered at ebay. super.go store. It is almost 4 times the capacity of the current one installed. I don't remember how much but I believe it is less than 1k Php.

  3. CRAZY IDEA/QUESTION: Can I use two 2300mAH 3.7V extended batteries and connect them in parallel?

  4. Well, connecting 2 lipo batteries in parallel would need a way to balance charge each cell. Something like for an rc battery or in laptops. That is why laptop batteries have more than 2 pins which should have only 2, (e.g. 1 for neg and 1 for pos). This is to avoid early damage and potential explosion. Can it be done? Sure but adding a balancing circuit won't be that cost-effective in my opinion. ;-)

    Plus the space constraint of the tablet hinders two cells on top of each other. If you have an extra 2300mah batt, I would recommend hooking it up to a portable usb charger which you can use not only for the tablet but other usb devices as well.

  5. hi,

    any progress on your new battery?

  6. @Jose Paolo Roque
    Battery has not yet arrived unfortunately. Will update asap once I do the transplant.

  7. Is this the one -> http://www.ebay.ph/itm/3-7V-8000mAh-25C-Lipo-Rechargeable-Battery-Cell-RC-Car-RC-Airplane-DIY-/120940421765?pt=US_Rechargeable_Batteries&hash=item1c289c6285#ht_2418wt_881

    Is soldering required to remove old battery and install this?

  8. to Mr. Anonymous who posted on 7/6/12 and to the blog owner,

    The battery Mr.Anonymous was referring to on his link has these dimensions -> 8.5mm x 68mm x 158mm while the built in battery for this tab is 4.2mm x 60mm x 95mm.

    Will there be enough room on this tab to fit this battery?

  9. Did u try the batteries ! even i wanna change the battery ! 2300mah is really less fr 7inch screen ! did u buy the battery protection board ?? or gonna use the 1 which came with the tab ??

  10. Any update for the installation of the battery? Can you also share the link where you bought the 8000maH battery?