Harvesting Lithium-Ion Cells from used laptop battery

Very hazardous!  Kids don't do this without your parent's supervision!

I admit it! I am a certified "battery junkie".  I own dozens of rechargeable AA/AAA batteries from NiCads/Ni-MH to non-rechargeable Alkaline ones that I force to charge.  I recondition and maintain at least 5 used car batteries I refuse to let go.  Not to mention 4 used 12-volt sealed lead acid and 2 6-volt Hawker from the office.  A dozen USB power banks with or without its own battery, some lithium ions here and there, a couple of  laptop/polaroid batteries... I even created a rechargeable lead-lead oxide cell from pipes myself which won a "science fair project" for my relative.  And still it doesn't stop me from doing this.  I guess I can never have enough stored energy.  Especially for power-hungy tablets.

This is my donor:
A Macbook White used battery

       Remove Torx screws then remove the aluminum cover.

                   Controller circuit.  We won't be using it.

Cut off connections from the cells.  Be careful not to create a short or it may spark and explode!  Then very gently, using an old credit card, pry the cells off the enclosure.

Here are the harvested Li-ion cells.  These can be used for another project.


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